JLO Leadership Council

Leadership Council

President – Becca Myers
President-Elect – currently vacant
Community VP – Haley Howey
Finance VP – Cassie Wilcox
Membership VP – Kaci Earnest
Treasurer – Mallory Langford
Community Research and Development-Erika Thomas
Nominating and Placement – Brea Frazier
Sustaining Advisor – Laurie Johnson
Merry Marketplace Committee Chair, Monica Langford
Community Relations Committee Chair, Shimene Willard
Fundraising Committee Chair, Katie McDaniel
Membership Education & Development Committee Chair, Alexa Dunson
Provisional Committee Chairs, Nadia Rivas & Urisonya Flunder
Christmas Carriage Rides Committee Chair, Brea Frazier
Kids in the Kitchen Committee Chair, Lisa Baughman
Little Free Library Committee Chair, Kayla Scott