Community Assistance Fund

A grant through the Community Assistance Fund of the Junior League of Odessa, Inc. is available to Odessa charitable organizations.


The following guidelines should be followed:
1. The application must be written.
2. The applicant must have 501(c)3 or 501(c)6 status and provide proof of certification.
3. The proposal must fit current JLO Position Statements.
4. The project must have a humanitarian purpose and meet a critical need in our community and  significantly impact residents of Ector County.
5. The request must be for a specified use of funds.
6. There shall be a $5,000 limit per project.
7. Requests for funding for the following will not be considered by the committee:
a. League project with current JLO monies.
b. Fundraising.
c. Sectarian religious projects. However, the League will consider projects of a secular nature sponsored by a religious organization.
d. Organizations having received Community Assistance Fund funding must wait 24
months when the check was issued before a new request will be considered.
8. Requests will be evaluated to minimize duplication of services funded by the Junior League of
Odessa, Inc.
9. Funding consideration should also include assessment of the current financial condition of the
Junior League of Odessa, Inc. and its ability to fund at the time of the application.
10. If the grant is made: Once the funds were spent the requesting organization must submit within
45 days:
a. An accounting of how money was spent, including invoices and other necessary
b. Was this project able to achieve it’s goal? Describe how: if why not?
Return the completed form by October 29, 2021 to



TOTAL: $20,000

Spring 2021

Odessa Family YMCA – $4,500

Samaritan Counseling Center – $2,500

Permian Basin Mission Center – $4,500

FALL 2020

POWER Initiative – $5,000

UTPB Stem Academy PTO – $3,500

TOTAL: $28,720

FALL 2019
Odessa Links, Inc. – $5,000

The Able Center for Independent Living – $5,000

March of Dimes – $5,000
Odessa College Foundation – $2,500



Permian Basin Rehabilitation Center – $2,000
Permian Basin Rehabilitation Center – $4,220
Boys and Girls Club of Odessa – $5,000

2018-2019 Community Assistance Fund

Total $34,000

Fall 2018

Family Promise of Odessa $5,000

West Texas Gifts of Hope $5,000

Odessa Family YMCA $5,000

Communities in Schools-Bonham $5,000

Odessa Christmas in Action $5,000

Teen Court $1,000

Salvation Army $3795

Spring 2019

Permian Basin Mission Center $3,505

Ector County Teen Parent Related Services $1,700


2017-2018 Community Assistance Fund

Total $30,000

Fall 2017

Odessa Day Nursery $5,000

Education Foundation $5,000

Junior Leadership Program $1,000

Meals on Wheels $5,000

Spring 2018

Odessa Arts $5,000

Permian Basin Rehab Center Playground $5,000

Texas Scholars $1,000

Boys and Girls Club Odessa $3,000


2016-2017  Community Assistance Fund

Total $12,700

Fall 2016

SHARE $2,500

Catholic Charities Community Services of Odessa $3, 000

Odessa Christian School $2,000

House of the Sycamore Tree $3,000

Keep Odessa Beautiful $1,000

Ellen Noel Art Museum of the Permian Basin $1,000

2015-2016 Community Assistance Fund

Total $15,000.00

Fall 2015

Odessa Teen Court $4,084.00

Able Center $5,000.00

Globe of the Southwest $1,016.00

Education Foundation $2,900.00

Family Promise $2,000.00

Spring 2016

Downtown Inc, $2,600.00

PHS Project Graduation $1,000.00

Harmony Home $2,2600.00

Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse $5,000.00

Communities in School $2,500.00

Magnet Reagan $1,300.00

2014-2015 Community Assistance Fund
Total: $11,580.00

Fall 2014

SHARE- $2,580.00

Ronald McDonald House – $4,000.00

West Texas Gifts of Hope – $5,000.00


2013-2014 Community Assistance Fund
Total: $45,500.00

Catholic Catholic Community Services of Odessa – $5,000.00
Provide funding for twenty low income students GED tests and to assist in covering 190
hours for tutoring expenses.

Friends of the Library – $5,000.00
Provide funding for a theatrical presentation of “The Night Circus” as part of the 2013 One Book Odessa program.

Main Street Odessa – $5,000.00
Provide funds for fireworks and event bands for Firecracker Fandango 2014.

Odessa Council for the Arts & Humanities – $5,000.00
Provide funds for musician fees for the 2014 Hot Summer Nights event.

West Texas Food Bank – $5,000.00
Purchase food (turkeys) to those in need within the community.

ABLE Center for Independent Living – $4,000.00
Provide durable medical equipment to those in need of a specific device to remain in their home independently.

Crisis Center and Hope House – $4,000.00
Provide funds to upgrade the front restroom in the shelter and provide desktop and laptops for the office.

Permian Basin Rehabilitation Center – $4,000.00
Provide funding in purchasing of a commercial grade elliptical and recumbent bike.

Communities in Schools of the Permian Basin, Inc. – $3,000.00
Provide funds for four computers given to the Odessa students (two from OHS and two from PHS), along with half the Senior Recognition dinner expenses for attendees.

Permian Playhouse of Odessa, Inc.- $2,000.00
Provide costumes for over 70 kids for the Little Mermaid production.

Ellen Noel Art Museum of the Permian Basin- $2,500.00
Provide funding for the fabrication and shipment of the Little Free Library, the charter fee, used children, and young adult books and public education piece.

PHS Project Graduation – $1,000.00
Provide funds for rental facility of the Recreational Center at Odessa College.


2012-2013 Community Assistance Fund
Total: $ 30,000.00

Samaritan Counseling Center – $5,000.00
Provided funding for approx. 74 counseling sessions for individuals from Odessa, who do not have income.

Christmas in Action- $5,000.00
Provide funding for building materials and direct costs of home repairs for Ector County low income elderly and disabled homeowners who are not financially or physically able to do repairs to maintain their homes themselves.

Ector County Greater Works- $5,000.00
Provided funding to build a permanent cement ramp on the exterior of facility and for refurbish entryway.

Odessa Parks Foundation- $5,000.00
Provided a location, catered meal and decorations for a Daddy Daughter Dance that will provide a quality, memorable and wholesome event for the fathers and daughters of all ages.

Rope Youth- $5,000.00
Provided start-up funding of the program in the Odessa area.

Permian Basin Mission Center- $3,169.00
Provided rental and medication assistance to those in need of Odessa.

United Way of Odessa- $1,000.00
Provide funding for supplies, tools, water and food for volunteers working on Day of Caring projects.

Odessa Christian School- $831.00
Provided funding for a security system for the school.


2011-2012 Community Assistance Fund
Total: $20,000.00

Harmony Home Children’s Advocacy Center – $5,000.00
Upgrade electrical interview equipment.

Ronald McDonald House Charities – $1025.00
Purchase supplies and staff support for the families during hospitalizations.

CASA of the Permian Basin – $1025.00
Purchase laptops for traveling staff members to help document cases.

Permian Playhouse – $2500.00
Production of “Beauty and the Beast”.

Ellen Noel Museum of the Permian Basin – $2450.00
Purchased a computer, awning signage, chair, CD-ROMs, books, art supplies, and wireless USB speakers for the Art Haud Project.

SHARE – $5000.00
Implementation of SHARE-Odessa’s Respite Care and Parent Support Programs.

Main Street Odessa – $3000.00
Production of the Teen Stage at Firecracker Fandango.


2010-2011 Community Assistance Fund
Total: $35,000.00

CD & R Outreach – $3658.66
To help with operating cost (excludes salaries) and food supplies for the outreach.

Boys & Girls Club of Odessa – $1341.34
To help pay for the supplies for the pottery bowls for summer camp.

Friends of the Ector County Library – $3000.00
To help pay the cost of printing and advertising for the One Book Odessa Program.

Odessa Links – $2000.00
To help translate, print, market, and distribute the Links Service Directory to the Odessa Community.

The Globe of the Great Southwest – $2000.00
To provide discounted and/or free tickets to students attending student matinee performances of five productions at The Globe Theatre.

The Salvation Army – $5000.00
Purchased commerical washer and dryer for the homeless shelter.

Permian Basin Mission Center – $5000.00
Purchased prescriptions for clients of the Permian Basin Mission Center.

Ramon TKD – $5000.00
Purchased roll mat for the Taekwon-Do studio at the Woodson Boys and Girls’ Club.

Children’s Miracle Network – $3000.00
Purchased 500-1000 Halo Sleep Sacks for babies in the Neonatel Intensive Care Unit at Medical Center Hospital.

Ronald McDonald Care Mobile – $5000.00
Vaccination Clinic July 6th-8th, 2010, free of charge to all students attending ECISD.  These funds would cover supplies, marketing material and salaries for this event.


2009-2010 Community Assistance Fund
Total:  $35,000.00

Main Street Odessa – $5000.00
Host a teen stage at Firecracker Fandango.

Wake Up & Dream – $5000.00
Provide personal hygiene and laundry supplies to homeless, purchase a database subscription, and GED testing fees.

Heritage Holiday – $5000.00
Provide free holiday movie(s), art project and refreshments inStarbright Village for area children.

Baby Basics – $5000.00
Provide incentives to young mothers to attend classes regarding health, safety, and discipline of children.

Meals on Wheels – $5000.00
Purchase a new delivery van.

Christmas in Action – $5000.00
Purchase building materials to repair homes for the elderly and disabled.

Communities in School – $2500.00
Purchase personal hygiene supplies, school clothing, school supplies, health exams, and eye glasses for case managed students in Ector County.

Odessa Family YMCA Childcare Centers – $2500.00
Purchase car and booster seats for their passenger vans and buses used to transport children.


2008-2009 Community Assistance Fund
Total $50,000.00

The Aphasia Center of West Texas – $4,978.00
Fund supplies, professional fees for instructor, and scholarships for a fine arts class.

March of Dimes / Hope Chest – $4,996.46
Purchase incentives for Hope Chest clients.

The Globe of the Great Southwest, Inc. – $5,000.00
Provide free or discounted tickets for Odessa students.

Odessa Christian School – $4,000.00
Purchase beginner reading books.

CASA of the Permian Basin – $2,500.00
Purchase radio advertisements to recruit volunteer advocates.

Permian Basin PBS – $5,000.00
Host Happy Healthy Kids Day, a free event for children to learn healthy alternatives for body and mind.

Family Promise of Odessa, Inc. – $5,000.00
Establish a Day Center to assist homeless families.

Harmony Home Children’s Advocacy Center – $5,000.00
To update the Family Waiting Room at Harmony Home.

Samaritan Counseling Center of West Texas – $5,000.00
To expand the counseling program for children.

Permian Basin Rehabilitation Center – $4,448.66
To purchase a commercial grade treadmill for patients.

United Way of Odessa – $2,000.00
To host a “Day of Caring”.

The Boys and Girls Club of Odessa – $2076.88
Supplement operation costs for anticipated cost increase during summer months.


2007-2008 Community Assistance Fund
Total $30,000.00

Hearing Loss Assocation – $5,000.00
Help fund the Wise Ears! Project.

Ellen Noel Museum of the Permian Basin – $3,000.00
Upgrade and continue all art education activities and elements in the ArtHaus.

Christmas in Action – $3,000.00
Provide home repair supplies for the elderly and disabled of Odessa.

Make-A-Wish Foundation – $3,000.00
Help fund a trip to Disney World for a 6 year child from Odessa.

Heart of Gallery of West Texas – $5,000.00
Promote and transport the photographs that make up the Heart Gallery of West Texas so the photos can be seen around West Texas to encourage adoption and foster care.

Downtown Odessa, Inc. – $920.00
Provide tickets for students to attend the City of Lights Production.

Odessa Links – $5,000.00
Funding for Homeless Service Coordinator salary.

Odessa College Foundation – $5,000.00
Coordinate and execute plans for the Celebration of Higher Education Day.


2006-2007 Community Assistance Fund
Total $30,000.00

Centers for Children and Familes – $3,000.00
Help match a grant given by the Abell-Hanger Foundation to fund professional fees for trained instructors and child care providers and a salary for the Parent Power Coordinator.

The Salvation Army – $5,000.00
Re-imburse the Salvation Army’s funds for toys and food purchased during the 2006 Christmas season.

Permian High School Project Graduation – $1,500.00
Provide music and office supplies in support of a “safe” celebration for the graduates of Permian High School.

Oneighty Youth Center – $2,000.00
Purchase computers for youth to use for homework and research.

Odessa High School Project Graduation – $1,500.00
Provide music and office supplies in support of a “safe” celebration for the graduates of Odessa High School.

The Crisis Center – $4,000.00
Purchase a new washer, dryer, computer and restock supplies for the WHO Program.

Permian Basin Regional Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse – $5,000.00
Help with costs incurred with the 2006 CNCS Teen Tobacco Conference.

CASA of the Permian Basin – $5,000.00
Provide funds to upgrade exisiting computers , help to purchase a fourth computer and a laptop for the organization.

Permian Basin Rehabilitation Center – $1,000.00
Provide funds to upgrade equipment for patient care.

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin – $2,000.00
Provide scholarships to students of Ector County.


2005-2006 Community Assistance Fund
Total $30,892.00

Go Project Head Start – $5,000.00

Odessa Links – $2,100.00

The Globe of the Great Southwest – $3,792.00

Christmas in Action – $5,000.00

Harmony Home Children’s Advocacy Center – $5,000.00

Heritage Holiday – $5,000.00

Meals on Wheels – $5,000.00


2004-2005 Community Assistance Fund
Total $32,000.00

Boys and Girls Club of Odessa – $5,000.00
To update the center, provide new carpet, paint and maintenance

Center for Crisis Advocacy – $5,000.00
Sponsor musical production of “Chicago” & Ector Theatre Restoration

Clover House – $3,000.00
For the replacement of mattresses to furnish the rooms at the house

Communities in Schools of the Permian Basin – $1,600.00
To purchase backpacks for the student clients of the program

Permian Playhouse – $5,000.00
For new stage lighting system installation

Presidential Museum – $5,000.00
For the restoration of the Bush home

United Way of Odessa – $5,000.00
To conducte a community needs assessment

Wake Up and Dream – $2,400.00
To provide computers and other office equipment to start-up program

2003-2004 Community Assistance Fund
Total $26,500.00

The City of Odessa Parks Department – $5,000.00
For the replacement costs of a new mobile stage which is used by a large segment of the citizens of Odessa

The Girl Scouts of the Permian Basin – $5,000.00
Funding for Camp CEO I & II for High School girls to learn leadership and development skills

The Hext Family Foundation – $500.00
Collaborative partner for the Unity Committee to bring in a facilitator to address ethnic issues in Odessa

The March of Dimes – $1,500.00
Purchase a computer, printer and desk for the Caroline Room Project, which is to be used by parents and family of infants in the Neonatal ICU

The March to the Roses – $5,000.00
Assistance for all students of the PHS and OHS bands to attend the Rose Parade in California

The Permian Basin Regional Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse – $3,500.00
To purchase a much needed new phone system

Prevent Blindness Texas – $3,800.00
To purchase 150 eye patch kits for children who have to wear eye patches

Midland-Odessa Symphony & Chorale – $1,000.00
Support Tiny Tots Musical program

Phyllis Wheatley Day Nursery – $1,200.00
To purchase furniture and equipment for age appropriate learning centers


2002-2003 Community Assistance Fund
Total $20,000.00

Adult Protective Services – $2,750.00
To provide supplies for the Bridge Room for clients

Catholic Charities – $750.00
To cover utility services for needy families during winter months

Communities in Schools – $750.00
For supplies and material for program targeting teens at-risk of dropping out of school

Ellen Noel Art Museum – $2,000.00
For “Adventures in Art” student program

Globe of the Great Southwest – $2,000.00
For upcoming bilingual Christmas production; purchase of 400 tickets for ECISD students

Harmony Home – $2,500.00
Renovation and expansion project which includes new interview room

Hospice Foundation – $5,000.00
To provide equipment and services

Keep Odessa Beautiful – $500.00
For neighborhood beautification program

Permian Basin Rehabilitation Center – $1,000.00
To purchase new piece of therapy equipment

Success by Six – $2,750.00
To provide materials for students to participate in the educational program

2001-2002 Community Assistance Fund
Total $25,000.00

Centers for Children and Families – $2,500.00
For counseling services

Ector County Independent School District Education Foundation – $2,500.00
To provide enhance learning opportunities for students

Center for Crisis Advocacy – $1,000.00
To furnish a playroom for victims of domestic violence

University of Texas of the Permian Basin – $3,000.00
To provide guest speaker Mr. Pelzer, on domestic violence issues

Junior Achievement – $5,000.00
To provide program to entire 5th grade classes in Ector County

Special Olympics, Texas – $250.00
To sponsor a Spring track event

Heritage Holiday – $2,000.00
To provide a new chair for Santa Claus

Texas Governor’s “Do the Write Thing” coalition – $1,000.00
Provide certificates for all children who write a response for program

Drug Free Youth in Texas (D-FY-IT) – $1,000.00
To underwrite annual meeting

Boys Club Woodson Unit – $5,000.00
To provide building renovations

Project Graduation – $1,750.00
For OHS and PHS events

2000-2001 Community Assistance Fund
Total $21,500.00

Ellen Noel Art Museum – $5,000.00
To present “Adventures in Art” classes for children ages 6-12 during the school year

Permian Basin Mission Center – $2,500.00
To purchase holiday food baskets for needy and at-risk families in Odessa

Permian Basin Master Gardeners – $3,000.00
To provide basic materials for landscaping Habitat for Humanity Home in Odessa

American Heart Association – $3,000.00
To provide motivational speaker for health awareness programs geared toward women

Make-A-Wish Foundation of West Texas – $3,000
To grant wishes for three Odessa children who face life-threatening illness

Kaleidoscope Company/Permian Playhouse – $2,449
To buy sound equipment that will allow traveling shows away from the Playhouse

Permian Basin Girl Scouts – $2,551
To sponsor ten girls to attend Camp CEO and cover some CEO travel expenses

1999-2000 Community Assistance Fund
Total $21,929.00

Meals on Wheels – $2,000.00
To provide hot meals to elderly

Odessa Teen Court – $2,129.00
To purchase new computer system

Save Our Seniors – $2,500.00
To provide much needed supplies for elderly clients of Texas Adult Protective Services

Gang Resistance Education & Training – $3,000.00
To provide workbooks and training for 3rd, 5th and 7th grade students

Parker House Ranching Museum – $3,000.00
To provide a museum display on the history of our community

American Red Cross Southwest Texas – $1,300.00
To provide bears and t-shirts to victims in need

Samaritan Counseling Center – $2,000.00
To provide play therapy equipment for clients

Partners in Learning – $3,000.00
To provide materials for literacy program

Heritage Holiday – $3,000.00
To provide material to make wooden displays