Community Assistance Fund

A grant through the Community Assistance Fund of the Junior League of Odessa, Inc. is available to Odessa charitable organizations.
The following guidelines should be followed:
1) The application must be written.
2) The applicant must have 501 (c)(3) or 501 (c)(6) Status
3) The proposal must fit current JLO Position Statements
4) The project must have a humanitarian purpose and meet a critical need in our community and significantly impact residents of Ector County.
5) The request must be for a specified use of funds.
6) There shall be a $5,000 limit per project.
7) Requests for funding for the following will not be considered by the committee:
  a) League project with current JLO Program monies
  b) Fundraising
  c) Sectarian religious projects. However, the League will consider projects of a secular nature sponsored by a religious organization.
  d) Organizations having received Community Assistance Fund funding must wait 24 months when the check was issued before a new request will be considered.
8) Requests will be evaluated to minimize duplication of services funded by the Junior League of Odessa, Inc.
9) Funding consideration should also include assessment of the current financial condition of the Junior League of Odessa, Inc. and its ability to fund at the time of the application.
10) If grant is made:
Once the funds were spent the requesting organization must submit within 45 days:
a) an accounting of how money was spent
b) was this project able to achieve it’s goal? Describe how: if why not?
Return the completed form to: