The Mission of Food2Kids is to identify and provide food for children who do not eat between school-provided lunch at their campus on Fridays and the school provided breakfast at their campus on Monday morning.

The Junior League of Odessa has partnered with the ECISD, Education Foundation and West Texas Food Bank to provide food to underserved children over the weekend. Learn More »


The Center for Primary Care-JBS Parkway will provide primary care for our growing population. The Clinic will be developed to include:

A new Urgent Care
A Family Practice Clinic
MCHS Healthy Kids Clinic

The MCH ProCare Healthy Kids Clinic will be a core component of the Healthy Kids Program that MCHS is developing to address and improve the health and well-being of children in our community. The Healthy Kids Clinic will be comprised of two to three pediatricians along with mid-level provider support.

This clinic will give our community a way to service our local kids in a way that is not currently available through general appointments and specialty care.

The Junior League of Odessa, Inc. partnership will help create an artwork program for the clinic. We want to make this project for our kids, about our kids and by our kids.


The mission and purpose of the Daddy Daughter Dance is to strengthen family dynamics, which will, in essence, strengthen our community. The Junior League of Odessa, Inc. and The City of Odessa Parks and Recreation Department have teamed up to have a yearly event that will have a beneficial impact on families in Odessa. Strong families are the building blocks for strong communities. Research shows that a positive relationship between a father and daughter is a critical component in her developmental growth. We feel that through the Daddy Daughter Dance,  the bond between fathers and daughters will be strengthened..